Setting up your list


About our service

Our specialist gift consultants will be able to give expert advice on planning your list

and assist you throughout the process of setting it up until its completion.

They will keep you updated on all aspects of your list and ensure that your guests are

offered a professional service which includes complimentary gift wrapping and the

opportunity to include a personal message.


With over 60 years experience in the gift market and the opportunity for guests

to purchase a gift in-store, by telephone, or online, Alexanders are confident that you

and your guests will enjoy a stress free experience in planning and choosing gifts for

your celebration event.






Let's begin..

Start by contacting us and scheduling an appointment (below) (approximately ten weeks before your event) to explore our

store and view all of the gifts available for your special occasion. A Gift Consultant will guide you through this process and

advise you on the various ranges available, suitable quantities, price points etc. After you have decided on your selection

of gifts, we will create an online Gift Registry on our website for you. This will allow your guests and family to browse your

list from anywhere! You will be able to login and see which items have been purchased and which are still available.

You can even upload your own picture for the special occasion and leave a personal message for your guests! 

Alexander's Gift Registry is a full service registry - meaning you can access your list in store, over the phone and online

with great ease.


Why choose Alexanders?

Apart from having a personal Gift Registry Account on our website, we are pleased                                                      

to offer the Gift List Holder a gift card to spend in our store based on 5% of the

total spend on your Gift List.* In addition to this you will also receive a 10% discount

card for any homeware purchases* you make in our store for a period of 12 months

after your event date.

 * Gift List spend must be over £500, excludes certain items and special offers within the store


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